someday i will live in a truly tiny house 

glintglimmergleam: Please remember that there are many different Jewish ethnicities. There've been African, Arab, Latinx, South Asian Jewish communities for centuries (in some countries for millenia). Jews in these communities have never been & never will be white. When both Jews & non-Jews talk about Judaism as "a" race, they almost always erase this diversity. Not all Jews are people of color, but many of us ARE, and I don't appreciate having my ethnicity challenged. It will always be more complex than YES/NO. 

And I will make the same offer that I do every time someone asks about Jews on here — I am both Jewish and a mixed-race person of color, and I am always interested in meeting other Jews of color. If you share my multiple minority labels, please feel free to drop by my inbox and say hello! Whatever you’re mixed with and whether you’re religious or not.